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This theme will be addressed in three expert sessions, focusing in particular on the material plastic, the ‘ink cartridge’ for the 3D printer. Moderator of the sessions is Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.

Session 1: Raw Plastic as Consumer Goods

This session tries to interpret the new position of the consumer (or ‘prosument’) within the 3D printing industry. Will consumers have a greater say in the production process? And if so, what do they need to know about raw materials and their composition? With among others Peter Troxler, Marcus Senicky and Gilbert Curtessi.

Session 2: Rules and Regulations

Policy-making that deals with 3D printing lags behind practice. For example, think of the lack of clear policy on the private printing of weapons. Entitled Rules and Regulations, Session 2 examines the legal issues surrounding the 3D printing industry and the role of materials, as well as the risks of home production and the adoption of policy measures and legislation. With among others Dries Verbruggen.

Session 3: Tools of Empowerment

A brainstorm session devoted to publicly accessible information about materials and technology, based on initiatives such as How can sharing and developing knowledge about plastic and 3D printing be organised so that the information is useful for both experts and amateurs? With panellists from the fields of communication design, 3D printing and open design. With among others Maurits Kreijveld and Alexander Rulkens.

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